Woodbridge T-0001 review

The Woodbridge T-0001 is a toilet from Woodbridge, a relatively young brand, they have been on the market since 2005. They specialize in bathroom and kitchen products, including toilets. As a new brand, it directly competes with established companies such as American Standard, Toto and Kohler. Remarkable is that at least online, it competes well with these long standing brands. This suggest very good balance between quality and price, how else would a new player make it this far. Let’s first look at the specifications of the Woodbridge T-0001.

UPDATE DECEMBER 2020: Currently unavailable

Highly similar alternative: Woodbridge T-0019

Product dimensions 14.5W x 28.5D x 27.5H (inches)
Bowl Type Elongated
Flushing type Siphonic
Height (with seat) 16.5 inches (with seat 18 inches)
One- or two piece One
Amazon rating >4.5 stars (>20 reviews)
Rough-in 12 inches


The toilet is quite modern, with square shapes and a siphon that is not visible. The lack of decorative rims make it an easy to clean toilet. It fits well into a modern bathroom dominated by square shapes and large tiles without too much decoration. In a classic, more romantic, styled bathroom it would blend in well.

The toilet is a one-piece toilet, which is generally more luxurious that a two piece toilet and also more expensive. However, this is a very affordable toilet.

Also, a soft closing toilet seat is included.


The toilet is a bit plumb and heavy, as all one-piece toilets it is somewhat more difficult to install than a two-piece toilet. The toilet is mounted with two bolts. A toilet flange is included, in which the two floor bolts are mounted. Also a template of the toilet is included so that the exact space where the toilet will be mounted can be marked. This significantly eases the installation process. However you need some space to work on both sides of the toilet to tighten the bolts, installing the toilet in a very narrow space could prove challenging. The rough-in is standard with 12-inches, so this toilet can replace most existing toilets without the need to relocate the outlet (which could be costly and time consuming). You need a standard wax ring to install it.


The Map score, an independent and reliable score to indicate the flushing power of a toilet, is unavailable. In most modern toilets the score is above 1000 (the maximum score) and combined with user experience one can get a good impression of performance of a toilet. In this case flushing power has to be determined solely on user experience, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, for a brand that is relatively new more objective information would be valuable. The flush mechanism is siphonic. The very positive thing about the flushing of this toilet can be seen in the following picture:

Dual-flush buttons

See the smaller and the larger flush button? The left is a button for a 1.0 gallon flush while pressing the larger button results in a flush of 1.6 gallon. The toilet is WaterSense certified and being able to mostly flush just 1 gallon of water helps decreasing water usage, which is cost efficient and good for the environment.

Consumer opinions

What is unique about this site is that we read and summarize all the user opinions, so you don’t have to. We used Amazon.com and the manufacturers website. We hope this will give you a fair and balanced opinion of the pros and cons of this toilet.


  • The design of the toilet; many reviewers like the modern.
  • Excellent price/quality ratio.
  • Very easy to clean, due to clean surface and absence of rims.
  • Quiet.
  • Flushes well, no complaints.


  • Challenging installation due to small space behind the toilet where the bolts are fastened.
  • Very heavy, therefore difficult to transport.
  • Despite overly positive reviews, one reviewer states malfunction within one year of use.

Neutral (“things good to know”)

  • The seat is quite high (18 inches with seat, 16.5 without). Note: This is increasingly common and mostly practical for people with disabilities. It is less suitable for smaller individuals and children. There is no shorter version (many A-brands have “comfort height” and “right height” while also offering a regular height toilet).


The Woodbridge T-0001 is a very affordable, modern looking toilet from a company that both relatively small and relatively new on the market. The price quality ratio appears to be excellent, especially considering that this is a one-piece toilet with a soft closing toilet seat included in the price. The only downside is that an objective Map score is lacking (flushing power) and user experience limited (but mostly positive). However, as there is a warranty period of 1 year for the flushing mechanism and 5 years for the porcelain it is a risk well worth taking, for someone who is willing to look further than the well-established A brands.

Follow the link to Woodbridge T-0001 on Amazon.com

Alternative: American Standard H2Option, also a dual flush toilet, from a longer existing and well-trusted brand. It is not a one-piece toilet though and it does not have the modern clean look that might specifically appeal to some.

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