Toto Drake Review

The Toto Drake is a high quality toilet for a good prize and is one of Toto’s bestsellers. The high amazon rating with hundreds of user reviews makes it one of the best reviewed and highest scoring toilets available.

For your overview some important specifications of the Toto CST744S, the most popular Drake type and the one reviewed here.

Product dimensions 28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches
Bowl Type Elongated
Flushing type Siphonic
Height (with seat) 17 inches
One- or two piece Two
Rough in 12 inches


The toilet has a normal design for a two piece toilet, similar to the main competitor American Standard H2Option. On the sides of the toilet you see the curve of the siphon, which is common. For a higher prize you can get the toilet with “Sanagloss”, an extra smooth finish, making residue less likely. The toilet is available in multiple colors.


Installation is strait forward. Bolts and a wax ring are not included. Many people are able to install these toilets themselves.


The toilet has a standard lever on the left side of the watertank. It has no dualflush function. It always flushes 1.6 gallons. The toilet uses “FastFlush” technology. Instead of a normal valve with a 2-inch diameter this tank has one of 3-inch. This effectively makes the opening towards the bowl 125% larger, allowing the water to plunge down with lots of force (the valve is the bottleneck),

The powerful siphonic action of “G-Max Flushing System” (every brand has their own fancy name for their siphonic technology) led to it receiving the highest MaP (Maximum Performance) rating, flushing >1000 grams of solid waste in a single flush. This suggest very powerful flushing. The MaP is a reliable score for an indication of the flushing power.

Multiple Toto Drake types available

It is good to know that the product is available with round or elongated bowl. The one reviewed here is the one with the elongated bowl. It is remarkable that the elongated bowl Drake is actually cheaper than the one with a round bowl. The elongated bowl version of a comparable toilet of American Standard, the H2Option, is more expensive than the round type (as you might expect as elongated is more luxurious and larger).

We really need to pay attention to the names of all the types of the TOTO Drake as it can be very, very confusing. As you can see the round drake is a lot lower than the elongated ones. This type is a very good choice for a family with children. The round bowl is more comfortable for children as is the lower height.

The elongated drake

Height(with seat) Water per flush SanaGloss Bowl Type Rough In
TOTO CST744SL(CST744SL-01 = cotton white) 17.5 inches 1.6 gallons no Elongated 12 inch
TOTO CST744SF(CST744SF-01 = cotton white) 17.25 inches 1.6 gallons no Elongated 10 inch
TOTO CST744S(CST744S-01 = cotton white) 17 inches 1.6 gallons no Elongated 12 inch
TOTO CST744SG( CST744SG-01 = cotton white) 17 inches 1.6 gallons yes Elongated 12 inch

The round drake

Height(with seat) Water per flush SanaGloss Bowl Type Rough In
TOTO CST743S 16 inches 1.6 gallons no Round 12 inch

Consumer opinions

We read all the user opinions and give you the relevant information. We used the amazon website and the manufacturers website for this. We hope this will give you a fair and balanced opinion of the pros and cons.


  • Many users say they never had to plunge this toilet, with some having years of experience
  • Quick flush, no need of keeping the lever down for multiple seconds.
  • Quiet


  • Seat and wax ring not included
  • Incidental reports on clogging
  • Incidental reports on having to use the toilet brush often.
  • Bad customer service.
  • SanaGloss requires a mild cleaner, regular cleaners are too abrasive (not the one reviewed here). SanaGloss finish is also vulnerable to hard water.

Neutral (“things good to know”)

  • 12 inch rough-in
  • Multiple types available (see the table above)


The Toto Drake is an affordable well flushing to piece toilet. Benefits of this type compared to American Standards H2Option are that the “budget model” has an elongated bowl, which is a type of bowl shape that many people want nowadays and are mostly more expensive than the round bowl type. A negative point is the absence of a dualflush function. This means every flush uses the full 1.6 gallons. Over the years this toilet will use more water than a dual-flush toilet. Almost all users are very positive about the flushing power, some however do report needing an extra flush for cleaning the bowl or report incidental clogging. Most people don’t experience this problem and the MaP rating is very high. As the rating is 4.7 we don’t expect clogging to be a regular thing. As the price isn’t high for a toilet with elongated bowl, the design is decent and flushing is very strong, we recommend this toilet. The main competitor is the American Standard H2Option.

TOTO CST744SL01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet with Elongated Bowl, Cotton White Follow the link to the best prize on

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