Kohler Memoirs Classic / Memoirs Stately Review

The Kohler K-6669 Memoirs Stately is the most popular toilet from the classic Kohler Memoirs Stately line. The K-6669 is a high efficiency toilet using 1.28 gallons per flush. There is also a Memoirs Classic line with slightly different looks. It will all be explained further in the review. Follow the link to the toilet on amazon.com here.

Product dimensions 31.4 x 28.2 x 20.1 inches
Bowl Type Elongated
Flushing type Siphonic, 1.28 gallons per flush
Height (with seat) 18 inches
One- or two piece Two
Rough in 12 inches


The Kohler K-6669 has a beautiful classic design. As you see in the image above, the pattern at the foot of the toilet return in the top of the tank, contributing to its elegant appearance. The toilet is ComfortHeight, making a the toilet including seating approximately 18 inches high (ADA compliant). The bowl has an elongated shape.


The toilet has a standard 12-inch rough in. It is fastened using three bolts. Installation is standard and simple. As it is a two-piece toilet it more convenient to install compared to one-piece toilets. It has a polished chrome trip lever on the left.


The toilet flushes with Aquapiston technology, a patented technique to make flushing more powerful. Instead of traditional flappers opening on a hinge this system uses a canister shaped valve. This valve lifts when the lever is actuated, releasing the water in 360 degrees, giving the flush much more power than a traditional system. The flush valve with a ratio of 3:2 leads to downward acceleration of the water, increasing flushing power. The MaP flush score is >1000, meaning it’s in the category of most powerful flushing toilets (and just using 1.28 gallons of water per flush!). The trapway is 2-1/8 inch, making it slightly wider than the standard 2 inch (for siphonic flushing). The larger the trapway, the less chance of clogging in general.

Other related types

There are a lot of toilets in the same line (the Memoirs line). They can be subdivides in the Stately and the Comfort line. To clear things up I have put all the names and most important specifications in tables below. It does not appear structured despite my efforts, but I’ve added information and important features are in bold. Note: All toilets below are ComfortHeight (approximately 18 inches seating height) and have a 12 inch rough-in.

Memoirs Classic

Name / link # Memoirs Stately/Classic Water per flush One- or two-piece Bowl Type
Kohler K-3818 1 Classic 1.6 gallons Two Elongated
Kohler K-3812 2 Classic 1.28 gallons One Elongated
Kohler K-3986 3 Classic 1.28 gallons Two Round
Kohler K-3816 4 Classic 1.28 gallons Two Elongated
Kohler K-6999 5 Classic 1.28 gallons Two Elongated

Memoirs Stately

Name / link # Memoirs Stately/Classic Water per flush One- or two-piece Bowl Type
Kohler K-3819 6 Stately 1.6 gallons Two Elongated
Kohler K-3813 7 Stately 1.28 gallons One Elongated
Kohler K-3933 8 Stately 1.28 gallons Two Round
Kohler K-3817 9 Stately 1.28 gallons Two Elongated
Kohler K-6669 10 Stately 1.28 gallons Two Elongated

Do you see the different design of the water tank of the Stately and Comfort line?

Unfortunately although I made the tables it’s still difficult to get an overview, Kohler made so many similar toilets! As you see, the upper table consist of the Classic line toilets. The lower table consist of a list of the Stately line toilets. Both lines have a 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) model, #1 and #6. The same goes for a one piece elongated toilets (#2 and #7) and a round bowl (#3 and #8).

To complicate things, #4 is similar to #9: both elongated two-piece 1.28 gpf toilets. But here it comes: #5 is a new version of #4 (both Classic line) and #10 is a new version of #9. The newer version has a different shaped bowl, the tank is exactly the same as the ‘old’ model. Find larger pictures to see the minor differences. Will it make a difference? Probably not much, if any. Unfortunately there are not enough customer reviews/information available to say that there are, or aren’t, any notable differences. It appears best to just compare prices and choose the most affordable one.

The good thing to know is that the Kohler Memoirs Classic and Stately have many reviews to be found on the internet. As all these toilets are similar and are just marginally different, you can assume that the functioning of all the toilets above will be similar. This is good to know, because normally you probably wouldn’t give much attention to a toilet that just has one review. Many people would rather play it safe and pick a similar model with a lot of reviews and information.

Consumer opinions

We read and summarize all the user opinions, so you don’t have to. We used amazon.com. We hope this will give you a balanced opinion of the pros and cons! Of course we didn’t just check the K-3817 (this review) but also read about the related models.


  • All American made
  • Excellent looks, good looking lines
  • If you need more water than the 1.28 gallons, you can keep the lever depressed, the whole tank will empty itself.
  • Efficient flush, very powerful
  • Easy to install
  • No problems with clogging (very important point here!)


  • A bit high toilet
  • No toilet seat
  • A bit expensive (the one piece model is expensive)

Neutral (“things good to know”)

  • Someone gave 1 star because he/she thought a toilet seat was included. This takes the score down. Just good to know that score would be a bit higher if you’d leave out the “toilet seat not included” “The tank was broken” (which can happen during shipping of every toilet) type of comments.
  • There are no reports suggesting 1.6 gallons per flush models flush better than the 1.28 gpf models.


The Kohler Memoirs and Stately line consist of very good looking well-functioning toilets. A perfect balance between elegance and functionality. The 1.28 gallons per flush versions are WaterSense certified high efficiency toilets. The toilet does not have a reputation to clog, even though it flushes just this small volume. The prize is a bit higher than average the average toilet though. The one-piece models are downright expensive (but one piece models are commonly more expensive than two-piece models). If you want a well-made and good looking toilet, save water and all without a compromise in flushing power, then you just found what you need.

A few tips:

  • The Kohler K-3819 (the 1.6 gallons per flush version of the K-3817) is a bit less expensive. It saves less water though, and it therefore it is probably not a good investment in the long run.
  • If you found a toilet discussed in this review and think the Memoirs Stately and the Memoirs Classic are both good looking, check out the Stately and the Classic type (see the table above). One might be more affordable.

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