American Standard H2Option review

The American Standard H2Option is a high quality toilet for a very decent price, probably contributing to making it a bestseller for two piece toilets on It is a good choice for anyone who is willing to save water without the expense of comfort. For your overview the most relevant specifications are listed below.

Product dimensions 27-3/4 inches by 15 inches by 29-1/2 inches
Bowl Type Round (Elongated also available)
Flushing type Siphonic, dual-flush
Height (with seat)  16.5 inches (18 inches also available)
One- or two piece Two
Rough in 12 inches

American Standard’s H2Option siphonic dual-flush round-front toilet has many characteristics you would want your toilet to have. You can use the official product page of the H2option as a reference.


The toilet has a typical design for a two piece toilet. However, you see a curvature in the otherwise square water tank which blends well with the round front of the toilet. If you look at the sides of the model you see the curve of the siphon. The bowl has an “EverClean” surface, making the bowl even smoother than a normal ceramic toilet, making residu less likely. The toilet is available in white, bone and linen colors.


The manufacturer supplies the product with “SpeedConnect”: pre-assembled and factory-installed bolts and grommets. This eliminates loose parts and makes installation quick.


The first thing to notice is the dual-flush. The bottons are on top and chrome colored. The button responsible for the larger flush is can be recognized a large amount of small dots. This makes any guests push the right button too. The system features a light flush of 1 gallon and a large flush of 1.6 gallons. The flushing uses a siphonic technique patented by American Standard. Besides the siphonic technique the product features a pressurized rim, American Standard calls it PowerWash Rim. Water is pushed into the rim chamber from the tank. The air in the chamber gets pressurized by the weight of the water. When flushed the pressurized water is able to power-wash the bowl and removing any residue.

The powerful siphonic action of the H2Option technology led to it receiving the highest MaP (Maximum Performance) rating, flushing 1000 grams of solid waste in a single “heavy” flush while the “light” flush received an 400 gram rating. This is an incredible score. The MaP is a reliable score to have an indication of the flushing power.

The toilet is WaterSense certified. This label is given to toilets that use 20% or less water than the federally mandated limit of 1.6 gallons per flush. The article on HET (High Efficiency Toilets) covers this topic too if you’d like more information.

Elegant and functional dual flush buttons of the H2Option

Multiple types available

It is good to know that the American Standard H2Option is available with round or elongated bowl, and with standard height or RightHight (higher toilet, more comfortably for the very tall and the elderly). The one reviewed here is the most affordable one, with standard height and a round bowl. Some people (as we have also found in user reviews) think an elongated seat is much more comfortable than a round one). RightHight and/or an elongated seat are both available on, but are a bit more expensive than the type reviewed here.

Name / link Height (with seat) Bowl Type
H2Option Right Height Elongated 2886518.020 18 inches Elongated
H2 Option Elongated 2887.216 16.5 inches Elongated
H2Option Right Height Round front 2889218.020 18 inches Round
H2Option Round front 2889518.020 16.5 inches Round

Consumer opinions

What is unique about this site is that we read and summarize all the user opinions, so you don’t have to. We used the Amazon website and the manufacturers website for this. We hope this will give you a fair and balanced opinion of the pros and cons.


  • Excellent performance, many reports reporting no clogging (with some users having experienced the toilet for years)
  • Silent operation
  • Bargain toilet that looks and perform like a higher priced unit
  • Some people don’t even need the second button (the 1.6 gallons flush)


  • Seat and wax ring not included
  • Sometimes needs an extra flush to fully clean the bowl
  • Incidental reports on clogging
  • Adjustment levers in the tank are hard to find and adjust

Neutral (“things good to know”)

  • Some people think the toilet is rather small (the round bowl type)
  • 12 inch rough-in


The American Standard H2Option is a very affordable and high quality toilet with great flushing power. Almost all users are very positive about the flushing power, some however do report needing an extra flush for cleaning the bowl or report incidental clogging. As most people don’t experience this problem and the MaP rating is very high, it could very well be caused by a minority of people using excessive paper (some users don’t even need the large 1.6 gallons flush!). Every toilet can potentially clog. The dual-flush you will save water, making the investment even more worthwhile. As the price isn’t high for a toilet and you save water in the long run, the design is nothing exceptional but decent looking and the flushing power is very strong, we recommend this toilet. Although there are definitely other toilets coming close to this prize/quality, this toilet is a very good choice.

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