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The American Standard Champion 4 is an all time classis toilet and has industries largest diameter flush valve and widest siphon, making it a toilet that is very difficult to clog. The toilet is versatile as it is available as a one- and two-piece, different heights and different flushing volumes. The official product page of the American Standard Champion 4 is added as a reference.

Product dimensions 32.13W x 30.5D x 29.55H (inches)
Bowl Type Elongated
Flushing type Siphonic
Height (with seat) 16.5 inches (with RightHeight 18 inches)
One- or two piece One (two-piece also available)
Amazon rating >4 stars (>100 reviews)
Rough in 12 inches


The toilet has a very clean classic look, as you would expect from a one piece toilet. The lever is placed on the left. The curvature of the siphon is visible at the sides, which could be unappealing to some. The tank looks large and appears a bit out of proportion. The bowl has an “EverClean” surface, a smoother coating than a normal ceramic toilet, making residue less likely. The toilet is available as a one and two piece version.


The toilet is fairly compact, though being a one-piece toilet makes it heavy and therefore somewhat more difficult to install. The toilet is mounted with two bolts. Installation is not difficult.


We can start with the Map Score: >1000. The MaP (maximum performance) is an independent and reliable score to indicate the flushing power of a toilet. This could have been expected with the diameters of the valve and siphonic trapway. Regular toilets have 2-inch valves and 2-inch trapways. The American Standard Champion 4 has a 4-inch valve (this more than triples the amount of water what can pass in a second) and has a 2 3/8 inch trapway. This enormous valve allows a very powerful flush, while the large diameter siphon allows the water to pass quickly and makes clogging virtually impossible. This might sound too good to be true, but wait until you get to the consumer reviews section.

The toilet always flushes 1.6 gallons. There is no dual flush option. Although it isn’t a water saving toilet, never having to flush a second time reduces  your water bill a bit too.

Multiple types of Champion 4

We chose to focus the review mainly on the one-piece elongated type. However a two-piece design also exists.

Let’s start with the one-piece design. American Standard made a RightHeight version of the one piece toilet (higher toilet especially comfortably for elderly and tall people). The regular version has a rim height of 15 inches, with a seat height of approximately 16.5 inches. The RightHeight version has a rim height of 16.5 inches, making the seating height 18 inches. There is only an elongated design available for the one-piece type. It’s good to know that most people prefer the elongated bowl. The round front bowl has less seating area and is more comfortable for children too. All the toilets have EverClean, a smooth finish making residu less likely. The rough-in of all these toilets is 12 inches; the standard.

The two piece design is available as Elongated RightHeight (16.5 inch rim, 18 inch with seating) and Round Bowl regular height. The design of the two piece is less delicate than the one piece toilet, and the prize is a bit higher. This is unusual, as one piece toilets are almost always more expensive as they are more difficult to make.

In order to complicate things I will introduce another toilet that should be in this review. It’s the Champion PRO, a ‘modified’ Champion 4. The Champion PRO series includes a WaterSense certified toilet using just 1.28 gallons per flush. This makes it a high efficiency toilet. It saves 20% of water and in some states this is the maximum amount of water allowed per flush. The bowl is similar but the tank has a different shape, with a curved front of the tank instead of the regular square shape (less volume). Read more about high efficiency toilets here.

Name / link Height(with seat) Water per flush One- or two-piece Bowl Type
Champion 4 Right Height One Piece Elongated 18 inches 1.6 gallons One Elongated
Champion 4 Right Height Two Piece Elongated 18 inches 1.6 gallons Two Elongated
Champion 4 One Piece Elongated 16.5 inches
1.6 gallons One Elongated
Champion 4 Two Piece Round Front 16.5 inches
1.6 gallons Two Round
Champion PRO Two Piece Elongated 16.5 inches 1.28 gallons Two Elongated
Champion PRO Two Piece Round Front 18 inches 1.28 gallons Two Round

Consumer opinions

What is unique about this site is that we read and summarize all the user opinions, so you don’t have to. We used and the manufacturers website. We hope this will give you a fair and balanced opinion of the pros and cons.


  • One report of clogging in hundreds of reviews. This is unique, no other toilet has user reviews good as this.
  • Lots of persons are using the toilet for many years now, never needing a second flush.
  • Good prize for a one piece toilet
  • Easy installation
  • “Throw your plunger away” (multiple owners say this!)


  • Somewhat loud flush
  • Heavy (usual for one-piece toilets)
  • No toilet seat included
  • EverClean surface does not stay cleaner than regular toilets (one customer reports this)
  • No dualflush

Neutral (“things good to know”)

  • 12 inch rough-in (standard)
  • Multiple owners bought the wrong toilet (for example: the RightHeight when they wanted the regular). This has to do with the multiple types available on, this can be confusing. Please use the table above and even then, always check the specifications before you buy.
  • 1.28 gallons WaterSense certified Champion PRO available.


The American Standard Champion 4 is the most powerful flushing and virtually uncloggable toilet around. And this makes it a definite winner. This toilet is not only commonly used in homes but also in professional environments, such as offices and shops. The most important thing about the functioning of a toilet is whether it flushes well and does not clog. This toilet meets both criteria. Not only the specifications are better than all (4 inch valve and large trapway) but also the experience of the owners (4.7 stars out of 5 with hundreds of reviews!). The toilet also got the highest MaP rating possible. Too bad it isn’t a dual flush toilet, it always flushes 1.6 gallons. If you want to save water you could consider the Champion 4 PRO with the same flushing system, using just 1.28 gallons per flush. If you find a powerful flush and not having to plunge ever again important, the Champion 4 is certainly the best buy. Especially the one-piece type is very affordable.

Follow the link  Champion 4 on

Alternative: If you need a less powerful toilet (but also with a MaP rating of more than 1000: the highest possible score) you could consider getting the H2Option of American Standard, as the price is one of the lowest for a two piece toilet. Read the review here.

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